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Thursday, November 3, 2005
photo Protest calls for Bush to resign

Students, Tucsonans march downtown

Students were urged to drop their pens and ditch their plans yesterday afternoon to march in protest of the Bush administration and the war in Iraq.

About 60 students and Tucsonans gathered on the Alumni Plaza and marched to South Church Avenue and West Congress Street in protest against the Bush regime.

Protesters said they were upset about several of Bush’s actions including those relating to Iraq, women’s rights, the Patriot Act and the relief response to Hurricane Katrina. [Read article]

UA seeks long-term fiscal security

Administration develops multiple

plans for successful financial future

Editor’s Note: This is the second article of a two-part series focusing on university debt as a result of state budget cuts. While yesterday’s article focused on how the UA has been affected by the cuts, today’s story addresses how the UA plans to deal with these cuts in the future.

Four years after the state Legislature cut almost $50 million in state funding from the UA, administrators think they’ve developed a plan to maintain long-term financial stability. [Read article]

photo Sociology professor given $1 million for church study

A UA sociology professor is about to find out what kind of role churches, synagogues and mosques play in society, after receiving more than $1 million for the research.

Mark Chaves, sociology department head and professor, received the grants to continue the National Congregations Study, the first nationwide survey of its kind, from the Lilly Endowment, the National Science Foundation and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. [Read article]

Pharmacists on campus fill Plan B prescriptions

UA health officials want students to know that emergency contraception is available through Campus Health Service, regardless of whether or not pharmacists in the Tucson community are choosing to dispense it.

The recent denial of emergency contraception to a Tucson sexual assault victim sparked outrage and protest last week about the rights of both pharmacists and patients.

Debates started after a pharmacist at Fry’s Food and Drug Store, 3920 E. Grant Road, informed the 20-year-old woman the prescription could not be filled at that time, and the next pharmacist on duty would also be unable to fill the prescription because of religious and moral objections. [Read article]

Campus briefs

Bobcats, ASUA sponsor week of mall events

Talented leapfroggers and jousters were rewarded with prizes like new computers yesterday in one of many events celebrating Homecoming week.

A mock-triathlon and inflatable carnival events were held on the UA Mall from noon to 1 p.m. Event winners received prizes like Xboxes, PlayStation 2 systems and computers, funded with sponsoring help of the UA Bobcats senior honorary and the Associated Students of the University of Arizona. [Read article]

Job far from completed, Likins says

President Peter Likins said he is still working hard to carry out a plan for the UA to be more financially sound in the wake of massive state budget cuts, and that he won’t fall trap to becoming a lame duck.

Although Likins and several vice presidents are retiring this year, administrators said they don’t think it will cause a period of slowed progress at a time when the UA is still trying to integrate a plan to manage financial cuts. [Read article]

Quick Hits

Bugs, bugs and more bugs

An entomology seminar is being held today at 4 p.m. in the Marley building, Auditorium 230.

The lecture will focus on insect invasions, informatics, interfaces and identities and will be lead by George Roderick of the department of environmental science, policy and management at the University of California, Berkeley.

Engineering profs awarded da Vinci Circle Fellowships [Read article]

Fast Facts

Things you’ve always never wanted to know

  • The evolution of social life in ants and termites has been accompanied by an extraordinary royal perk — a 100-fold increase among queen ants in average maximum lifespan, with some queens surviving for almost 30 years. This longevity can be attributed in part to the sheltered and pampered life of the royal egg layer.

  • Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, the fathers of communism, wrote 500 articles for the New York Tribune from 1851 to 1862. [Read article]

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