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Arizona Daily Wildcat
Tuesday, November 10, 2005
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Sex toys shouldn't bump real news from the headlines

This is probably going to get me into a bit of trouble, but some things just have to be said. I was shocked and appalled by Monday's cover story, "Feminists advocate self-love," though not for the reasons one might think. I understand that sex sells, and us sitting here in a bubbling Crock-Pot of hormones (better known as a "university") as we are, anything sex-related is going to have a prominent place in any student-focused media. On a related note, I see that we're also the No. 6 hookup school in the country - a point of pride, to be sure; but I know that if we really try, we can be No. 1 in debauchery. Go Cats!

I'm not bothered by the fact that this stuff makes the news; I simply cannot believe that this is our top story. Honestly, half of Europe is on fire (well, OK, mostly France), and our front page is vibrators and Astroglide?

I don't know if this bodes worse for the people producing the Arizona Daily Wildcat, or us, the readers. So many truly newsworthy events taking place all around us, and we're talking about "Love Your Body Day." Are we really so selfish and hedonistic that this is our top priority? Well, at least I can take some comfort in knowing that if I were to tell someone to go, umm, "love" herself, it's not an insult, it's a means of empowerment.

May God have mercy on us all.

Daniel Perezselsky
senior majoring in Near Eastern studies and political science

Chain Gang honorary a model of tradition, spirit

I completely agree with Brian Primeau's argument that not enough coverage of the beautiful Homecoming floats made it into the Wildcat ("Single photo not representative of Homecoming spirit"). However, I felt the same argument could have been made without attacking a fellow club's participation in the process.

Just for everyone's knowledge, the reason that Chain Gang entered "only a school bus covered in streamers" was because this is a Chain Gang tradition. We ride in the bus to honor all of our past alumni who have done the same thing years and years before us. And while Chain Gang's float may not have been up to Primeau's standards, we did put a lot of effort into participating in homecoming with activities, such as raising more than $1,300 for UNICEF the week of homecoming and traveling around Tucson five hours prior to the parade showing UA spirit.

I am sure many other clubs were just as deserving as us to be represented in the Wildcat, and I am disappointed that not more of these organizations were shown. Next time, though, could you present your argument by not disrespecting someone else's participation in Homecoming?

Jessica Wertz
junior majoring in family studies and human development
Chain Gang '05

Celibacy, humility are purer forms of self-love

I can't help but respond to the article "Feminists advocate self-love." Being a woman, I d like to think that I'm like any other woman, in that I have a sense of dignity about being just that. This article, though, absolutely appalled me. I mean, are you kidding me, that how I can supposedly "respect and love myself" as Russell says is by being "like raging clits saying, 'Yeah baby, rub me'" like Adde suggests?

For the sake of myself and (I hope) other women out there, I just have to say that how to "help women get more comfortable in their sexuality and celebrate their bodies" is not by exercising your freedom of speech and proudly proclaiming that you masturbate.

I believe quite the contrary - that I can become more comfortable in my sexuality by not masturbating, and not only that, but that I plan on being with one and only one man (yes, my future husband) sexually, until death do us part. My way of respecting and loving myself is to remain pure until marriage, and it is a tragedy that doing anything otherwise is exalted by our culture.

For just as life has a purpose, so sexuality has a purpose. And the way to celebrate my body is certainly not by flaunting it around to whoever expresses interest, but rather to share and celebrate the most intimate thing about me (my body) with only one person.

Cori Smith
communication sophomore

'Ignorant,' 'obnoxious' comic does disservice to football team

Comic illustrator Michael Irish's comments regarding three outstanding football players in Monday's Wildcat were not only ignorant but also obnoxious.Making fun of Eben Britton, Richard Kovalcheck and Blake Kerley in a time of celebration shows no appreciation for your school's nationally recognized team.Irish's comments were demeaning and distasteful not only to the individuals but to the entire team.

Not only do these men train and condition seven days a week for at least 30 hours, but they also have time to partake in academic obligations and philanthropic work as well. Their loyalty to the team and each other is beyond the rest.Until any average person can go through the agony that these men go through every day, they should only publish things they are knowledgeable about.

Marisa Engler
elementary education freshman

Tucson city elections deserved better coverage in Wildcat

Today is just the day of disappointments, isn't it? I woke up this morning disappointed over Tucson defeating itself in the City Council elections. I was disappointed because the cat attacked the roll of paper towels during the night again.

I then go to see what the Wildcat has to say about the election only to see a quick blurb under the "Quick Hits" section. On the front page you have a big article on Mexican grad students, poetry and a local band, all of which get more attention than an election that will have a great effect upon the UA student body for the next two years.

I can understand giving more attention to some small protest made up of UA students over riots in France, but these elections determine who will be making the policies for Tucson (which happens to be where the UA is located) and the Wildcat shows it really doesn't really care about the UA or the community.

Anthony Ciaravella
computer engineering sophomore

Women and vibrators trump world's political unrest?

The Daily Wildcat brings you the best once again! In a time of political, social, and economical maelstrom throughout much of the world - we get a front-page story about women and vibrators.

Jeremy Palmer
second language and acquisition teaching doctoral student

Confederate flag a way of clinging to 'ideals of the past'

In response to Billy Bearden's letter "Confederate Flag a Symbol of Bravery and Freedom," I had to think quite a long time. I've spent my whole life living in Mississippi and was born in Jackson in the heart of the Civil War. However, I never quite understood my family's obsession and pride for ancestors having fought for the South.

I mean, who wants to tell everyone you meet that your family owned "body servants." That's right. My family owned slaves. Yes, the war was initially fought for states' rights; yes, the South erected the first monument to black soldiers; and yes, all those people fought in the war. But think about it: "body servants"? That's not something I would admit to being proud of.

What about the flag? Well it was a symbol of "bravery and freedom," but like any other symbol, it changes with time. Did you know that that the swastika was a symbol of peace? Charles Lindbergh squalled it out before his famous flight. I think it's safe to say that the Confederate flag in the minds of a majority of Americans has changed to be a symbol of hatred and slavery.

For those like my family, they still hold onto the ideals of the past. They cling to the Confederate flag as a symbol of southern heritage. You can see the flag everywhere: Cars, houses and even loosely used on the Mississippi flag. I suppose you have to hold onto something as your ship is sinking. Mississippi is one of the poorest states in the nation. For a group of people who have nothing, it is easy to cling to "happier" and more prosperous times and refuse to change. But current racism in the South is a topic for another letter to the editor.

Laura McCormick
musicology graduate student

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