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Rec Center vote starts tomorrow

File Photo/Arizona Daily Wildcat
The Student Recreation Center lines often extend out of the weight room during the afternoon, lasting longer than 15 minutes.
By Zach Colick
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Monday, November 14, 2005
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ASUA's Carrell fills in as commissioner

The vote on an additional fee for the proposed Student Recreation Center expansion will still take place tomorrow and Wednesday, despite talks of postponing the vote because of staffing problems, student officials said.

Associated Students of the University of Arizona senators were concerned the Rec Center referendum would be postponed last week because they didn't have an elections commissioner to oversee the voting process.

Tyler Carrell resigned on Wednesday as the president's chief of staff and stepped up to become the new interim elections commissioner so the vote could go on.

"We need the most competent and experienced person for the job," said ASUA President Cade Bernsen. "Tyler is that person, and he knows the inner workings of ASUA and would be a perfect fit for the very hectic position. He's sacrificing for us and is filling the gap."

The elections commissioner's duties involve overseeing campaigns, conducting general elections and special elections, and ensuring elections are fair.

"I'm very familiar with the elections code and feel qualified and aspire to assume the responsibilities," said Carrell, a finance junior. "It's an important position because it helps direct the voice of the students."

Rec Center vote

  • Regardless if students vote "yes" or "no" for the continued fee, they will continue paying a $25 semester fee for admittance into the Rec Center through 2010 with no plans of extra costs to be associated with the project.
  • The $25 fee will disappear in 2011 if students vote "no" to continue the fee that is needed to pay off bonds for the proposed expansion.
  • If the majority of students vote "yes," additions like a new 32,000-square-foot weight room, leisure pool, multipurpose activity court and climbing wall will be constructed.
  • If the majority of students vote "no," the scope of the project will be reduced.
  • Students can vote by accessing Student Link or by logging onto computers set up on the UA Mall and in the Student Union Memorial Center.
  • ASUA senators initially said there was a lack of moral fiber in electing Carrell to the position of elections commissioner because he already works closely and lives with Bernsen, a political science senior.

    The senators argued for more than 90 minutes Thursday night about whether the vote should continue as planned or be rescheduled to find someone reputable instead of merely electing someone right away to fill the void.

    After Carrell said he wouldn't allow his friendship with Bernsen compromise his position, he was unanimously approved as interim elections commissioner. Carrell had already been assuming the role for more than a month because the former commissioner Michael Franklin unexpectedly resigned, said Arizona Students' Association Director Fernando Ascencio.

    Franklin said he left his post as elections commissioner because he wasn't able to balance taking 19 units along with working off campus and plans on transferring to Arizona State University for the spring semester.

    Though no longer involved in ASUA, Franklin said he wished he would have stayed on as commissioner until Bernsen helped elect someone else.

    "I never wanted to put ASUA in an uncompromising situation," said Franklin, a senior majoring in history and secondary education. "I felt bad in not continuing my duties, but thought there would be an ample amount of time to elect a new commissioner" before the Rec Center vote.

    Because Carrell has filled the election commissioner void, students will still be able to vote tomorrow and Wednesday whether or not the current $25 fee should continue past 2010.

    Students will continue paying a $25 semester fee for admittance into the Rec Center through 2010 with no plans of extra costs to be associated with the project in hopes of its completion by 2009.

    That fee will disappear in 2011 unless students vote "yes" to continue the fee to pay off bonds needed for the proposed expansion.

    If the majority of students vote yes, additions like a new 32,000-square-foot weight room, leisure pool and climbing wall will be constructed. If funding remains, a multipurpose activity court and sand volleyball court among other amenities may be constructed, said Juliette Moore, director of campus recreation.

    Students can go online to Student Link to cast a vote. Computers will also be set up around the Student Union Memorial Center and the UA Mall for students to vote, Bernsen said.

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