Madonna Straddles the Dance Floor A Lot

By Miriam Weisberg
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Thursday, November 17, 2005

Rating: 6/10

Putting leg warmers on is essential in order to listen to the first few songs on Confessions on a Dance Floor, which are very appropriate for an '80s workout video. The rest of the album is more appropriate for a New Age yoga workout.

Confession on a Dance Floor starts off fairly poppy with the song "Hung Up," then blends from one song to the next with a graceful mixing job and ends with attitude in "Like it or Not." The album is a largely disco-influenced energetic dance experience intermingled with chants, kicks and techno beeps.

"Hung Up" whines, "Waiting for your call/Baby night and day." Baby, there are some cheesy confessions also going on in the song, "I Love New York," the album's bastard child. It rhymes ridiculously, "I don't like cities but I like New York/Other places make me feel like a dork."


Confessions on a Dance Floor
Warner Bros. Records

However, most of the album is really fun club music. Images of shirtless men and decked-out women with glitter all over rubbing up against each other are what come to mind.

The song "Isaac," a random piece of melodic middle-eastern chant featuring a Jewish man singing and speaking partially in Hebrew, is a bit different than the rest of the tracks. Madonna must have wanted to share how "spiritual" she has become from participating in presently trendy mockery of the ancient Kabbalah.

Even though she seems to just writhe around and straddle the dance floor, Madonna's "Confessions on a Dance Floor" is a fusion of body-moving beats to get yourself writhing.