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Pass/Fail: See if these ideas make the grade

Arizona Daily Wildcat
Friday, November 18, 2005
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McKale's Zona (petting) Zoo

Until last year, to complain about the lack of a student section in the McKale Center was as unique to UA students as our affinity for flip-flops. For the second game in a row, though, students on Wednesday night proved themselves somewhat unworthy of the student section carved out for them, leaving broad stretches of empty seats above the upper concourse. Sure, it was an exhibition game, but just as the basketball team didn't let up on its domineering defense, neither should those lucky few with basketball tickets have stayed home simply because it was an assured victory. The students who did manage to meander over to the game were loud but nowhere near the thundering applause one would expect from a Zona "Zoo." Until students bring the noise, the poor performance of the student section gets a Fail.

Looking to the future

Just as a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, an athletic program is only as durable as its most talented recruits. Happily, a host of UA athletic teams have enjoyed success in bringing in heavily recruited prep stars. The men's basketball team netted junior Jerryd Bayless, women's basketball landed two sets of towering twins, the baseball team signed 11 high school recruits, softball signed a slugger and volleyball head coach Dave Rubio reined in two stellar seniors. For once again proving that the UA stands tall as an athletic powerhouse, and for laying the foundation for successful seasons in the years to come, the UA's recruiting efforts get a Pass.

Where's the wireless?

For a university that never seems to miss an opportunity to tout its cutting-edge credentials, the UA certainly hasn't reached its full potential when it comes to wireless technology. Certain stretches of the UA Mall have Wi-Fi, as do various buildings sprinkled throughout the campus, but to access any one of these networks requires navigating a maddening labyrinth of passwords and security settings that almost outweighs the advantages of using Wi-Fi in the first place. And the shortcoming isn't purely about convenience. Universities across the nation have installed campuswide Wi-Fi networks. That the UA is lacking is a flaw that is often duly noted by prospective students and faculty. For this digital deficiency, the UA's technology gets a Fail.

Commemorating our culture

With the crush of finals, term papers and last-minute extra credit assignments looming large, it might be easy to overlook one of the most significant aspects of our university: its diversity. In a series of events, though, UA students have sought to remind us that the UA's student body is as varied as it is unique. International Education Week made us aware of a strong segment of our student body (international students), the ever-creative Tunnel of Oppression heightened our sensitivity to injustice everywhere, and the simple act of passing out ethnic foods to students on the Mall gratified our taste buds and taught us to appreciate our fellow students. For heightening our sense of awareness, these events get a Pass.

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