Arizona Daily Wildcat
Friday, September 24, 2004

Graduation is time for celebration, not indignity

I am very pleased at the decision to reinstate the winter commencement.

As a December graduate myself, I was upset when I heard the news. By taking away the December ceremony, it makes our graduation from the university seem less valued than those who graduate in May.

Graduation & my senior recital were the two of the proudest moments of my undergraduate career. Those students who graduate in December work just as hard as those who graduate in May, and should receive the same honor of graduating in the larger ceremony.

I do understand the need for any graduation ceremony to be more respectful for all students who work hard to get there, whether it is a high school graduation or a university graduation. Graduation is a time to celebrate, but not at the expense of making the ceremony less dignified.

Kelli Cornell

Respect restored to commencement ceremony

As an alumna of UA, I am glad that someone is finally addressing the graduation exercises and how it has become more of a "comical" event and not a serious one.

I have seen students who bring beach balls, etc. to try to see who can do the most outlandish act of juvenile behavior.

I believe it is a serious ceremony and I for one do not agree with this behavior at what is supposed to be a serious and proud occasion for young adults.

The latest one I read about throwing tortillas is even more ridiculous. I am sure we would not consider throwing fry bread at such a serious event where we have dignitaries as speakers, etc.

As an American Indian, graduation for most of us is a proud moment in our life. Thank you to those who believe in bringing this event back to what it should be.

Dottie Hobson