Arizona Daily Wildcat
Thursday, January 19, 2006

Wildcat responsible for Bernsen's election

Editor's note: Jacob Reuben was the opponent Cade Bernsen defeated in last year's Associated Students of the University of Arizona election.

I find it sadly ironic that the Daily Wildcat is calling for Cade Bernsen's resignation. I find it even more disappointing to note that the editorial board lays the blame for this embarrassing situation at the feet of the student body and Bernsen himself, but the board accepts none of the responsibility for its role. It was just a few short months ago that this same entity (with some of the same members) had a significant impact on the outcome of the election that put this individual into office.

I vividly recall opinion columns in your publication discussing irrelevant factors, such as how I looked in a suit, and how carefully I answered questions rather than leaping from my chair. I remember the the Daily Wildcat endorsing Mr. Bernsen, based solely on faith and promise, factors you now criticize for being the entirety of an otherwise empty candidacy. You championed his quality as an "outsider" before, and criticize this same fact now. If your student editors have learned their lesson, do they not owe it to the student body to point out the errors of their ways? If you won't, I certainly will.

As you approach the next election, perhaps the editorial board (or the faculty advisers) needs to rethink the paper's role in election coverage. When considering the immense power the newspaper wields, combined with the obvious incompetence of your recent performance and the lack of high quality, balanced reporting which has been a hallmark of your coverage, it appears the student journalists at the UA lack the responsibility to endorse a candidate in an election. To be clear, the paper's coverage was not the only factor involved in Bernsen's victory, but the inaccurate, unbalanced and opinionated coverage was clearly a contributing factor. I'm forced to ask: Since the editors of the Daily Wildcat are calling for Bernsen's resignation, will someone from the editorial board resign as well? Or do you lack the ethics and responsibility to the students you expect from Bernsen?

Jacob Reuben
business economics senior

Christians: Jews are good enough for judgment

I'd like to complain about something that I saw on the UA Mall Tuesday afternoon. A man was holding a giant sign that listed off numerous groups of people - "Mormons," "Homos and Lesbos," "Unsubmissive (sic) Wives,"et al., and then claimed that they will all be "judged by God." But there was one group that was conspicuously absent from the sign, no doubt purposefully: Jews.

What's the deal here? Are we not good enough to be judged? If the almighty (Evangelical) Lord is going to send everyone else to eternal damnation for their Christ-hating sins, surely He can find space in his merciful, yet overwhelmingly vengeful heart to take care of the original Christ-haters.

As a Jew, I was extremely offended by this omission. It's just another example of lunatic Christian fringe groups not deeming Jews important enough to "save." Wake up, Evangelicals! Us Jews are sinners too - perhaps the ultimate sinners. You're missing out on a huge soul-saving market here.

The crackpot Jesus-freaks out there should quit worrying about guys who choose guys and start focusing on a group that they have neglected for so many years: the Chosen Ones. Although, now that I think about it, "Money Lovers" was one of the groups listed on the sign, so maybe they remembered us after all.

D.B. Schultz

Sharon is the father of Lebanon as well

Gen. Ariel Sharon should be called the Father of Lebanon, too, because he delivered the people of Lebanon from the Palestinian Liberation Oraganization that terrorized and murdered the Lebanese people and raped and left pregnant more than 300,000 Lebanese teenage girls. The PLO destroyed Lebanon after the Lebanese government allowed the PLO to go there when they were kicked out of Jordan.

Since l982, the PLO has afflicted Israel and should be dispersed among the nations as individuals. Joel 3:2 in the King James Bible says dividing the land of Israel will be a cause of the Battle of Armageddon, in the context of the verse (Valley of Jehosephat). The Bible says, "Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall see God."

That is a Beatitude that Gen. Ariel Sharon and President Bush tried to implement in Israel with the Roadmap to Peace land-for-peace agreement with the PLO. Since then, the PLO has turned the Gaza into a terrorist training camp.

Dividing the land and separating Muslims and Hindus in separate countries worked in India. It will not work in Israel because Joel 3:2 says it will not work.

Rebecca Patterson