Now hear this

By Cassandra Tomlin
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Thursday, January 19, 2006

Cassandra Tomlin scouted random students around campus to listen to and review five songs on her iPod.

M.I.A. - "Bingo"

Erik: "Skip."

Carlos: "I like the Jamaican drums ... I could get jiggy to this."

Sabrina: "It's kind of tropical. It's fun."

Juelz Santana- "There it go

(The Whistle Song)"

Sabrina: "Oh, I've heard this song a lot of times. My roommates listen to it all the time. I'd feel funny blasting it or something ..."

Erik: "(Laughs, dances and whistles in unison) Yeah, its cool."

The Go! Team - "We Just Won't"

Erik: "Its got kind of little of a Kanye feel to it. Next."

Paul: "Is that cheerleaders in the background?"

Carlos: "Does it break down to something else here? I'm waiting for it. Is this all uplifting or something? It's not my favorite, but it's tolerable."

Sabrina: "I can't understand what they're saying. Are they kids? Is this just a statement song? I don't really like it, it doesn't have a beat."

Giant Drag - "Kevin is Gay"

Paul: "Her voice is kinda scratchy and annoying, but other than that it's good."

Erik: "Ehhh ... skip."

Sabrina: "This is kind of just on ... it doesn't make me feel like anything."

Cat Power - "Love and


Carlos: "How many songs do you want me to listen to?"

Erik: "This is cool."

Sabrina: "I like this one for chill music. That was nice. I don't really like girl singers usually though."