PASS/FAIL: See if these ideas make the grade

Arizona Daily Wildcat
Friday, January 20, 2006

Zona Zoo makes room for more Wildcats

Finally, a men's basketball ticketing policy that just makes sense. For the first time, students at last night's game against Stanford were allowed to congregate up to four hours early for a chance to purchase unused seats in the nosebleed section. That means that desperate fans finally have some modicum of control over their fates, rather than being at the mercy of the lottery gods. Here's hoping that students take advantage of the opportunity and are able to turn the usually somber crowd at the McKale Center into a raucous cheering machine. For allowing die-hard devotees a chance to see the Cats in action, the new ticketing policy gets a pass.

WebReg not up to schedule with students

We're only a few days into the spring semester, and many students are still trying to winnow their way into classes they need. Sadly, one of the sharpest weapons students have in the hunt for the elusive open seat - WebReg - has already vanished. If you missed your brief opportunity to pick up a class with relative ease from home, steady yourself for an exacerbating routine of forms, signatures and long lines. With the class-availability problems that consistently confound students and frustrate administrators, you'd think that making it easy for students to find available spots would be a priority. For making a mountain out of a mouse click, administrators in charge of WebReg get a fail.

We're glad that's out in the open

With all the secrecy we've seen on campus this year - both from student government officials and campus administrators - it's refreshing to finally see some business being conducted in the open. When the four finalists for the UA presidency visit the university this week and next, they will have some time in their busy schedules set aside to hear student concerns at school-wide forums. Student regents' roles notwithstanding, the forums will be the best chance undergraduates have to make their opinions on the vital issues facing the university known. And for once, it looks like someone will actually be forced to listen. For acknowledging that students are a vital part of a university, the presidential candidate forums get a pass.

Another one bites the dust

As funding shortages force the campus community to tighten its proverbial belt, the UA Writing Center has been put on a starvation diet, reopening this semester with significant cutbacks in staff and available services. The center has long served as a vital support for international students, those in first-year writing classes and anyone who sees value in discussing ideas with a peer. It's proven to be a successful and popular service that deserves the support of administration. For shrinking this important and student-centered program, budget cutbacks at the Writing Center get a fail.


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