Scientists find cure for dancing withdrawal

By Andi Berlin
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Thursday, January 26, 2006

Let's face it: These musicians aren't really scientists. Scientists are skinny guys in Dockers who sit in labs all day measuring conformal maps and zipper algorithms. Scientists are strange, different and completely original.

We are Scientists is not strange, not different from any dance-rock band out there today and completely not original.

But that doesn't mean the band sucks. Who says a good thing has to be original? We are Scientists makes infectious, knee-tapping dance-rock songs that even a band like Interpol might be a little jealous of.


We are Scientists
With Love and Squalor
Sounds to listen to: Can't Lose
Sounds like: The Bravery

It's just getting harder and harder to stomach another rip-off capitalizing on the Killers' success. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that if I have to listen to "Mr. Brightside" one more time, I'll voluntarily gouge my own eyes out like Oedipus did when he saw his dead hanging mother.

If this band hasn't come on the scene just a tad late, it does have a chance for itself. The music is definitely more fun to listen to than Gregorian chants and atonal classical pieces. Every track, with its angular guitar rhythms and '80s disco beats, is poppy and catchy.

The first single, "Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt," with its ever-familiar rocking chorus with vocals that sound like the Bravery - "My body is your body/I won't tell anybody/if you want to use my body go for it" - gets stuck in your head worse than toxic ear wax.

We are Scientists may not be what it says it is, but depending on your tolerance level, it may at least be able to show you a good time.