Arizona Daily Wildcat
Monday, September 27, 2004

Fair Trade coffee also tastes better

It was great to finally see the word get out about Fair Trade coffee. Moses Nyaribo did an excellent job explaining the social and economic benefits of a program like this, but one extremely important point was missing from his article: Fair Trade coffee is freaking delicious. I've been hooked on the stuff or years now.

Why does Fair Trade coffee taste so good compared to other types? The International Coffee Organization, an intergovernmental organization for coffee set up by the United Nations, has a plausible explanation: Coffee growers that are forced to sell their beans at an unfairly low price have to sell a much larger quantity more often to make a living.

As a result, overall coffee quality plummets as unripe beans are picked. For similar reasons, the ICO even reports that increasing amounts of "foreign matter" are being found in common coffee. Any coffee lover ought to visit this trade organization's Web site at

Want to try it? Starbucks has it on tap once a month (the 20th, I think), and ITL on Fourth Avenue sells solely Fair Trade. I encourage every coffee lover to make an inexpensive switch to Fair Trade coffee. It can make a huge difference in a farmer's life, and it tastes sooooooooo good.

Ben McMorran
physics graduate student

Seniors should have priority for tickets

Seniority is a widely accepted belief that the older, more experienced individuals should gain first priority. This belief spans continents and cultures but seems not to be accepted at the UA ticket booth.

I have been an active student at this university for four years now and have tried desperately to gain access to the home Wildcat basketball games.

I have not been one of the lucky few to receive tickets to our outstanding basketball program. I tried my freshman year, but all of my friends somehow bought some. I was even in the riot two years ago, which I left ticketless, and the Zona Zoo Pass sure hasn't helped me with my ticket problem.

I propose a priority system that will allow individuals to receive at least one season of basketball tickets. It should start with giving seniors priority, and if only seniors get to go to the games, the better.

It is a privilege to go to those games, and the oldest, most experienced students should get that reward. Anyone else who agrees with this idea should let it be known.

Warren Hitchcock
communications senior

Fraud can happen even if you hang up

In response to the article about the "Consumer Grants US" scam, be very careful even if you hang up on them right away.

I was called a week ago, and I was immediately suspicious of a grant I hadn't applied for or even heard of. After a few more minutes speaking to a gentleman who barely spoke English, I was connected to a "security officer." I said I wasn't interested in anything and hung up.

Two days later, while checking my bank accounts online, I saw $239 was taken from my checking account by none other than "Consumer Grants US." After numerous unsuccessful calls to their "office," I went down to my bank and filled out a fraudulent transaction form. My money was credited back to my account the following day after they investigated the scam.

If anyone runs into the same problem, notify your bank immediately. They can help you if you act fast enough. After so many days, they can't really do anything to get your money back. Don't be passive about your financial situation. These fake companies are able to find your financial information somehow.

Tommy Comer
psychology senior