Athlete of the Week: Fontenot finds some Pac-10 love

By Shane Bacon
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Wednesday, November 10, 2004

As the Wildcats walked off the Husky Stadium turf Saturday in Seattle, one UA defensive player - responsible for the game's decisive six points - stood out from the rest of the group. Redshirt freshman Wilrey Fontenot changed the momentum of Arizona's second win of the season with a 33-yard fumble recovery for a touchdown. Fontenot added to his defensive touchdown with five tackles and a pass breakup, earning him Pacific 10 Conference Defensive Player of the Week honors. The Wildcat sat down with Fontenot to talk about how many people mispronounce his hometown's name (Humble, Texas), the locker room celebration and if the football team had a chance against the basketball team, five-on-five.

Wildcat: You are the second freshman defensive player to receive Pac-10 Defensive Player of the Week honors (this season). Does that reflect coaching?

Fontenot: It's great coaching, they are always in your ear. You get frustrated with it once in a while but you have to listen to them because they know their job.

Wildcat: You and Antoine Cason are both new at this. Are you two just that good?

Fontenot: (laughs) No, not at all. It's the coaches like I said earlier. Coach Stoops knows what he's doing. He's had some great cornerbacks under him at different universities and (defensive coordinator) Mark Stoops has been at Miami where they produce athletes every year so he just takes what he has and works with them.

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Wildcat: How many people pronounce it "umble," Texas?

Fontenot: A lot of people do that. It's not "humble," it's "umble," Texas.

Wildcat: OK, finish this sentence: When I'm a senior, the football team will be...

Fontenot: National champions.

Wildcat: Which player makes Coach Stoops laugh the most?

Fontenot: Coach Stoops doesn't laugh that much, so that'd be hard to find out. I don't know. That's a good question.

Wildcat: How much fun was it in the locker room after the Washington win?

Fontenot: It was a great feeling. Getting a win after seven losses, it just feels good to finally have one under your belt.

Wildcat: You have USC this week. How much does intimidation play in going against the top team in the nation?

Fontenot: None at all. We have nothing to lose so we're just going to go out here and try to play a great game.

Wildcat: What do you have to do to beat the Trojans?

Fontenot: Stop everyone. (laughs) Flawless football and we have to play our best game of the year.

Wildcat: What's the best feeling on the football field?

Fontenot: Making an interception for me personally.

Wildcat: When you picked up the football and it was just you and the end zone, what was going through your head?

Fontenot: Usually I would celebrate, but I didn't know what to do because we had so many penalties earlier in the game, so I was just looking back seeing if there were any yellow flags on the field or anything. I was just happy that there wasn't.

Wildcat: Do you think football players get their rightful respect on this campus?

Fontenot: Respect comes with winning.

Wildcat: If the football team took their five best basketball players and put them against our starting five for the basketball team, would they be competitive?

Fontenot: No. I haven't played basketball in like five years so I know I wouldn't be competition at all.

Wildcat: When chicks pick you up, what is the worst thing they say?

Fontenot: They seem like they don't know you play football. When you tell them, they're like, "Oh really," but you already know they knew you played football.

Wildcat: OK, this or that: Would you rather upset USC this weekend in their house or beat ASU here during Thanksgiving?

Fontenot: Oh man, that's a tough question. I'd rather beat both of them.

Wildcat: Blondes or brunettes?

Fontenot: Brunettes.

Wildcat: Milk or beer with dinner?

Fontenot: (laughs) Milk with dinner.

Wildcat: A Heisman or a national championship?

Fontenot: National championship.

Wildcat: Seinfield or the Fresh Prince?

Fontenot: The Fresh Prince.

Wildcat: Peyton Manning as your quarterback or Ray Lewis as your middle linebacker?

Fontenot: Ray Lewis as my middle linebacker.

Wildcat: Just because you're on defense?

Fontenot: Exactly.