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Thursday, February 3, 2005
Campus car theft on rise

The University of Arizona Police Department sent out a warning to all students and faculty regarding an increase in criminal activity on university surface parking lots.

There were 17 cars stolen from campus lots in January, said Sgt. Eugene Mejia, UAPD spokesman. There are two to three automobile thefts or attempted automobile thefts reported to UAPD per week.

"We're a shopping mall for auto thieves," Mejia said. [Read article]

photo Research possible at new land site

The UA Science and Technology Park is looking to acquire land south of campus to build new bioscience research facilities.

Before taking hold of the property, the UA wants to exchange some of the 1,345 acres of undeveloped land at the UA Science and Technology Park for the Sinclair property.

The Sinclair property, at East 36th Street and South Kino Parkway, covers 350 acres of land that could be used for UA facilities, said Bruce Wright, assistant vice president of economic affairs. [Read article]

photo Artists encourage coexistence through art near Old Main

After setting up massive billboards for four days, visitors from Jerusalem's Museum on the Seam can finally relax now that their international art exhibit is in place on the UA campus.

Located on the west end of Old Main, the exhibit, "Coexistence: The Art of Living Together," is a traveling exhibit of artworks transferred onto 9-by-15 foot posters promoting peace.

"I believe that art can contribute something here to the preservation of our society," said Raphie Etgar, initiator and curator of the exhibit. [Read article]

photo Student regent appointments to be faster

PHOENIX - Student Regent Benjamin Graff's Senate confirmation is one step away, but the senate Higher Education Committee said efforts have already started to expedite the process for future student regents.

Graff, a second-year UA law student, will be able to participate in all Arizona Board of Regents meetings once he is confirmed by the senate, but he will not be able to vote until the next academic year. [Read article]

photo NBC inventing new ways to generate ads

With viewers flipping channels to see television shows on cable and the growing popularity of TiVo, television networks are being forced to find new ways to generate advertising revenue.

Keven Sandler, an assistant professor for media arts, told the audience in the half-full Gallagher Theater yesterday how NBC cleverly slipped advertisements into their programming in his speech for the Faculty Fellows Speaker Series. [Read article]

UA continues study of found human remains

Locked in a high-security storage room on campus lay the remains of some 6,000 people.

They are not the remnants of a violent crime scene or mass disaster- they are pieces of history dating back to prehistoric times.

The latest addition to the Arizona State Museum's collection of human remains, a near-complete female skeleton uncovered at a construction site on Tucson's northeast side, continues to be examined by researchers who hope to solve the mystery behind the bones. [Read article]

photo Fast Facts

Things you always never wanted to know

  • The two lines that connect your top lip to the bottom of your nose are known as the philtrum.

  • The Holland and Lincoln tunnels under the Hudson River connecting New Jersey and New York are an engineering feat. The air circulators in the tunnels completely circulate fresh air every 90 seconds.

  • "Avocado" is derived from the Spanish word aguacate, which is derived from ahuacatl, meaning testicle. [Read article]

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    photo Fun Photo of the day

    Tucson Mayor Bob Walkup was visibly choked with an unwillingness to wet his whistle using the city of Marana's tap water. Walkup spoke to journalism students last week in the Ventana Room at the Student Union Memorial Center last week on a variety of Tucson's issues, including nightlife, traffic and water quality. [Read article]

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