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Thursday, February 10, 2005
photo U.S. nursing in crisis

The United States is in the middle of a national crisis as the nursing shortage is expected to increase as the need for health care grows and the workforce ages.

However, being admitted into the UA nursing program is not easy, possibly discouraging Arizona students from stepping up to fill the vacancy.

According to the 2004 American College of Healthcare Executives report, 72 percent of hospitals are experiencing a nursing shortage. [Read article]

Tunnel of Oppression teaches UA understanding

The Tunnel of Oppression returns to the gloomy basement of the Kaibab-Huachuca Residence Hall this year following the completion of construction on Park Student Union that forced the event to relocate last year.

Now in its seventh year at the UA, the tunnel is a multi-media experience designed to challenge participants to think about different forms of oppression.

The tunnel uses videos and interactive skits to stimulate discussion about racism, homophobia, domestic violence and other social issues. [Read article]

photo After delays, ambassadors might finally get paid

A campus service group has yet to see a dime after being promised payment in August, but directors said students should receive a paycheck as soon as next week.

The Campus Tour Ambassadors, which is comprised of students who are responsible for giving university tours to potential students, were promised a salary but have not received any paychecks.

Paul Kohn, director of administration, said the ambassadors can expect to receive money by next week. [Read article]

photo Dodging sickness starts with ending stress

Exercise, more sleep are some ways to help relieve stress

Loosen up and free your mind to avoid unnecessary illness and anxiety resulting from stress, a condition affecting students at every college campus nationwide.

Although stress can be perceived in different ways, it is generally the body's natural response to physical, psychological or emotional circumstances. How the body reacts to those circumstances differs, ranging from mild anxiety to physical illness, said Lisette LeCoryne, a nurse practitioner at Campus Health Service. [Read article]

ASUA asking for state to fund financial aid

PHOENIX - The Arizona Students Association reminded legislators yesterday of a financial aid agreement made more than 15 years ago, and asked the state to update the agreement to help more students pay for college.

A bill passed by the Senate Higher Education Committee yesterday would require the state to give more to the Arizona Financial Aid Trust than ever before. The fund is a combination of student and state contributions and supplements federal aid for university students in the state. [Read article]

photo Fast Facts

Things you always never wanted to know

  • Aaron Burr shot Alexander Hamilton in the groin. What a punk.

  • The dot over the letter "i" is called a tittle.

  • The only domestic animal not mentioned in the Bible is the cat.

  • Albert Einstein was offered the presidency of Israel. He refused the opportunity, having no head, he said, for human problems.

  • When Hannibal invaded Italy, in the third century B.C.E., his military engineers employed fire and vinegar to smash a path through the Alps. The engineers heated immovable rocks with blazing logs, then poured vinegar over the rocks. The rocks split into fragments that could be pushed aside. [Read article]

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    photo Fun Photo of the Day

    Look Out Below

    Lt. Col. John Strandberg, right, instructs undeclared freshman Richard Georgelos on how to rappel off the side of the Harvill building yesterday afternoon as part of a class. They will rappel off the Koffler building Feb. 17. [Read article]

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