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Police Beat

By Jennifer Amsler
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Tuesday, February 15, 2005
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Someone broke into a woman's car Thursday and stole her purse while it was parked in a Zone 1 lot, 1325 N. Warren Ave., reports stated.

The woman parked her car around 8:30 p.m. and when she returned at 11:43 p.m., she noticed her front passenger door was broken, reports stated.

She opened the door and found two compact disks and her purse missing from the passenger foot area, reports stated.

The woman said the purse did not have any valuables, reports stated.

Police have no suspects or witnesses.

A student was arrested for underage possession of alcohol Friday after police pulled his car over in front of the Manzanita-Mohave Residence Hall, 1010 N. Park Ave., reports stated.

Police noticed the student driving without his headlights on at 10:49 p.m. and noticed an unopened case of beer in the back seat, reports stated.

Police saw from the student's driver's license he was underage, reports stated.

The student said he got the beer from a local convenience store, reports stated.

The student was cited and released.

An employee reported a suspicious man after a woman said he was wandering around in the women's locker room Thursday at 10 a.m. at the Student Recreation Center, 1401 E. Sixth St., reports stated.

The man approached the employee and said he was interested in becoming a member, reports stated.

The employee had the man fill out some paperwork and let him look around by himself, reports stated.

A few minutes later, a woman approached the employee and said a man was walking around the woman's locker room and did not look surprised to be there, reports stated.

The employee spotted the man leaving and asked if he could talk about the incident, reports stated.

The man agreed but said he did not realize he was doing anything wrong, reports stated.

The employee photocopied the man's passport and found out where he lived, reports stated.

The employee asked if the man knew when the passport expired, and the man said, "Yes, and the next time you see me, you can call the police so they can shoot me in the head if you want to," reports stated.

The man left the Rec Center and the employee turned over the photocopy and location of where the man lived to police, reports stated.

Someone stole a student's laptop sometime between Feb. 8 and Wednesday from his workplace in the UA Main Library, 1510 E. University Blvd., reports stated.

The student said he left the laptop in a workroom overnight but to enter the room required a master lock, reports stated.

When he returned at 8 a.m., the laptop, external drive, computer cables, a digital camera and a Jump drive were missing, reports stated.

The student said he checked out the laptop, external drive and computer cables from the department of entomology, reports stated.

Library personnel said construction crews were in and out of the room all night because they were fixing the air ducts, reports stated.

Police found no signs of damage or trespassing, reports stated.

Police have no suspects or witnesses.

A woman's purse was stolen Friday after she left it in a parking lot outside of the Music Building, 1017 N. Olive Road, reports stated.

The woman told police she thought she dropped it near a handicapped space but when she went back 10 minutes later, the purse was gone, reports stated.

The purse contained four checkbooks from different banks, a wallet, a driver's license, a credit card, a debit card and a cell phone, reports stated.

Police have no suspects or witnesses.

A student reported a suspicious phone call from a man saying he qualified for a student loan Friday in Coronado Residence Hall, 822 E. Fifth St., reports stated.

The student told police the man had an eastern accent and said the student qualified for a $5,000 loan but first must pay $267.47 before he could receive it, reports stated.

The student gave the man his name but gave him a false checking account number, false date of birth and false digits of his Social Security number, reports stated.

The student then lectured the man on identity theft and the man quickly hung up, reports stated.

The student told police he gave the man false information because he decided to entertain the man, reports stated.

Police told the student to call his bank to make sure the man did not have the student's real information and told him to warn neighbors about the phony call, reports stated.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports. A complete list of UAPD activity can be found daily at

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