Just do the squirrel study instead of appealling


The university is gambling. If they are confident in their claims that there is no impact to the endangered Red Squirrel, why are they unwilling to do the studies to prove it?

The appeal will not be heard until November. If they are denied a turnover, then they will have to begin the studies in the spring,a 90-day process, plus 40 days for comment. So, they are taking a serious gamble on loosing another construction season. If they were to go ahead with the studies now as ordered by the courts, they could, if the studies support their claims, begin construction in the spring. It is not often that the upper courts overturn a lower courtÕs decision Š as the UA has surely computed. Why not get on with the process and quit wasting our money and the courtÕs time?

Shane Jimerfield

Graduate Student

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