With pets come responsiblities


I would like to thank the Wildcat and Cara Miller for publishing the much-needed article “Too Many Students Abandoning Pets” in the August 24 Wildcat. I would also like to add a few words not included in the article. Many animals abandoned by students do not even make it to the Humane Society. Often students will release an animal on the campus (I assume in hopes that someone will find the sweet critter and take him home). This is not usually what happens. If the animal finds a food supply, a place to nest and survives the many hazards on the campus (such as traffic, Great Horned Owl, Hawks, getting locked in abandoned buildings, etc.), it will live a difficult life at best and it will reproduce. I have spent my summer vacation helping the people who help these animals. It is costly, time-consuming and heart-breaking work. Please continue to publish articles such as the one mentioned above throughout the year to help remind students of the responsibilities of pet ownership.

Thank You.

Sandy BonnicksenDeaf Education


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