Book offers helpful hints on sex

By Joseph Altman Jr.

Arizona Daily Wildcat

It’s too bad textbooks don’t spice up their information with a lot of humor and interesting advice, because they might just be as interesting to read as Hot, Sexy and Safer by Suzi Landolphi.

The title of the new book describes exactly what the book is about— having great sex while keeping it safe. And while the average student might be embarrassed to read something like this in public, having read it anyone would be better educated and more open about his or her own sexuality.

Landolphi’s book is definitely a new breed. It doesn’t just come out and say, “Do this to protect yourself.” Instead, it takes the approach that talking openly about sex, feeling good about one's sexuality and being honest and trusting in relationships will pave the way to a safer and more satisfying sexual experience. The author spares no details in her discussion of discovering our own bodies, self-satisfaction, and what sex is really like compared to what it looks like on television and in the movies.

According to Landolphi, most people don’t even know half of what they should about sex. She makes it clear that sex and intercourse are two totally separate things, proclaiming her point in the title of chapter eight, “Intercourse Can Get in the Way of Great Sex.”

As Landolphi points out, intercourse alone won’t bring most women to orgasm. Coupled with her statement that “there are 2,862 ways to sexually satisfy your partner and yourself without intercourse,” she suggests mutual touching, rubbing, licking and “anything else you can try or imagine.” By following her own advice (she says she’s on 1,906 of the 2,862 ways), she calls herself “even more sexually active than some people who have had intercourse.”

Of course, one might ask, “How does this woman know all this stuff anyway?” But then you turn the page and she starts telling the story of her first experience with intercourse. The descriptions aren’t uncomfortably graphic, but the real situations make the topic of sex easier to talk about and her advice more believable.

It’s not too often someone will honestly share what his or her own sexual experiences were like, and that’s probably the reason why this is such an interesting and informative book. Landolphi shares what she’s been through with a lot of advice, information and humor mixed in. She very openly discusses what has worked and what hasn’t in her own sex life, and the final product is a lot of enlightening information that could make anyone happier and safer sexually.

Hot, Sexy and Safer is a Perigee book and is available at B. Dalton (327-4293), Barnes & Noble (745-9822) and other major bookstores.

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