Editor has double standard on sports


I am appalled at the double standard displayed by Sarah Garrecht in her column “Academics, not athletics.” As editor in chief, doesn’t she have ultimate control over the final content of the Arizona Daily Wildcat? Yes, just as the administration she condemns, her “money” (i.e. space) is largely spent on sports coverage. The front page of the Nov. 30 issue showed a picture of Michael Jordan (nothing to do with campus). On the back page, Tom Wentzel (“Boxed In”) ridicules the paper’s sports coverage by ranking it second only to “display ad” in allotment of space. In the past few editions, I have seen advertisements for even more sports reporters.

If Sarah really feels this strongly in the athletics vs. academics debate, why don’t her editorial decisions reflect this? Why not hire more campus reporters? Why continue to print articles about every sports event? Until I begin to see Sarah’s opinions backed by actions I can only write her editorials off as senseless whining on the PC topic du jour.

Kenton White

Physics Graduate Student

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