One bullet is a very efficient solution


I am responding to Jon Burstein's Dec. 6 column "Death Penalty Dilemma." I usually don't respond to anything that has to do with women, religion or politics and with this I have stayed out of many arguments. Mr. Burstein made a very good argument concerning the death penalty. He backed up his opinion with statistics dating back to 1976. The only problem I found was that Mr. Burstein made the death penalty look racial. I don't care if the person is white, black, yellow or green, if this murderer is convicted by a jury of his or her peers, then they shouldn't waste taxpayers' time or money on appeals just throw the switch 48 hours later. Here is one more thought: a box of shotgun shells costs about $5. That's 20 cents per shell. That sounds a lot cheaper than the electric chair.

Colin Peckham

Undeclared Sophomore

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