Troupe's premiere shamelessly funny

By Josh Dalton

Arizona Daily Wildcat

There's a new gang in town. Comedy is their weapon and they use it well. They are the People Who Do That, a.k.a. Theatre's hilarious new sketch comedy troupe. Last weekend, the People Who Do That premiered their own special blend of sketch comedy with two shows that met with great success.

With the popularity of "The Kids in the Hall" and "Saturday Night Live," potential comparisons abound. However, the People Who Do That's humor is more obscure. They are more obscure. For example, one of their funnier sketches has to do with an Arizona Lottery Home Game. They also perform a series of sketches featuring the National Shakespearean Speech Impediment Repretory Theatre.

The People Who Do That are also more offensive. There is a cereal commercial parody featuring a bagel cereal and its mascot, Jew Boy. This offensive characteristic is not one that TPWDT are ashamed of. In fact, they seem to embrace it. The program contains a warning that reads "some of their material may be considered offensive . Well, actually, all of it is offensive."

The People Who Do That are Tim Cook, Mike Daniel, Miles Hindman, Derek Iversen, Grayson Norris, John Seymore, Kelly Walsh and Kim Mooney, the "token woman of the troupe," as she calls herself. Some of those names may sound familiar to a.k.a. faithfuls, with good reson most of them are veterans to a.k.a. Theatre.

Admittedly, the People Who Do That do deserve one comparison to other popular troupes: They are just as funny. As for "Saturday Night Live" though, not since the days of Miller, Carvey and Lovitz has "SNL" been this funny.

Despite being more strange and less accessible to normal sketch comedy fans, any followers of "The Kids in the Hall," "The Vacant Lot," or "The State" should at least give the People Who Do That a viewing. They deserve it.

The People who do That perform every Friday and Saturday at10:45 p.m. at a.k.a. Theatre, 125 E. Congress. For more information, call 623-7852.

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