Need guns to avoid lawsuits


I suppose I should not be surprised by now to see a headline like the one that appeared in Thursday's edition ("UA settles suit"). To presume that the UA is responsible for the immature acts of a fraternity is ridiculous, yet those suing still collected $150,000.

This is certainly not the last lawsuit that the UA will ever face, but it would also seem prudent to avoid any obvious legal liability where possible. Thousands of Arizonans have undergone a lengthy training course and submitted themselves to an FBI background check in exchange for the right to carry a concealed weapon. The UA, however denies these people the right to carry concealed weapons on campus.

It is obvious that the first time one of these people is assaulted on campus, they will sue the UA. If allowed to carry their weapons, such an assault would have been avoided, thereby establishing the UA's liability for the denial of this right. It is also obvious that the lawsuit will be successful. A recent landmark decision in Los Angeles awarded substantial damages to a person who was denied a concealed carry permit. If this is the outcome in California, a state generally considered unfriendly to gun owners, can there be any doubt about what an Arizona jury will decide?

UA must change this misguided and foolish policy before more tuition dollars are flushed down the legal drain.

J. Sean Keane

Grad Student Electrical and Computer Engineering

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