Women's rugby wants coverage

Dearest Wildcat,

In the three years that we have been a club at the University of Arizona, the first occasion upon which you have mentioned the Women's Rugby Football Club was last Thursday as a prelude to the Michelob Tournament. It was actually a historical event not only because we finally appeared in your paper, but also as the first year of the Women's Invitational in this annual sports event. We saw your writers there, talked to them, and gave them our scores, but unlike the Arizona Daily Star, they did not see fit to follow up on Thursday's introduction. For those readers who may have been curious as to how we fared, we beat ASU 25-0, and the Atomic Sisters of New Mexico 11-0 to secure this first ever championship and were the only local team to win a title. I would like to suggest that if you really wish to become more "reader friendly," you follow up on your stories and report on all sides of the sports scene.

Christine Prantil

Sarah Graupmann

Medical Student

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