'Wildcat' did not support cause


I do not feel that stories on asteroid theories should be on the front page when children are suffering from child abuse and the student body is trying to make a change for the better. Now is the time to inform the university about Casa de los Ni¥os and the student-run booth on the Mall working hard to get students aware of the problem and raising money to help. The booth was arranging a haircut marathon where all of the proceeds go to this foundation. We, the student body, want to contribute to the entire Tucson community and be recognized for doing so, since we care about others.

We have the resources in the Greek and non-Greek community and an influential university newspaper to make this event more successful. I am disappointed that the Arizona Daily Wildcat has not supported our worthy cause with an informative article. Your help was needed during our child awareness promotion.

Richard Blank

Communication Senior

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