Police Beat

By Joseph Barrios

Arizona Daily Wildcat

A 28-year-old man was arrested and charged with bicycle theft Friday after Parking and Transportation officials reported the theft in progress.

Aurelio R. Felix, of the 700 block of West Calle Colado, was arrested about 5:33 p.m. after the officials reported seeing a man carrying a bicycle locked from the wheel to the frame from Coronado Residence Hall.

Security officers noticed a man who matched witness' descriptions walking out of a ravine near North Tyndall Avenue, between East Seventh Street and East Eighth Street. Police stopped Felix and arrested him.


A 20-year-old man was arrested and charged Friday as a minor in possession of alcohol on East Sixth Street near North Fremont Avenue.

Bryan P. Doorish, no local address given, was arrested after police were dispatched to a fight in progress on Sixth Street. Police arrived and found Doorish, who told police an argument ensued after he and two friends used a telephone in a nearby laundromat.

An unidentified man started yelling at Doorish when the fight ensued, Doorish said. Police said Doorish smelled of alcohol and was "jumpy" and cocky. Doorish was uncooperative when police tried to place him in the car.

Police told Doorish he had been arrested because he was drunk and under the legal age for consuming alcohol. Doorish said, "I'm not drunk. It takes me 20 beers to get drunk. I've only had seven."

Police arrested Doorish and took him to UAPD.


Two males were arrested and charged as minors under the influence of alcohol Sunday near the corner of East Sixth Street and North Fremont Avenue.

Robert W. Bertagnoli, 20, of the 8000 block of East Prickly Poppy Drive, and Gabriel J. Lam, of the 1800 block of East Blacklidge Drive, were arrested after police noticed them sitting in a Bronco drinking in a parking lot near a bar.

The two men admitted to being underage and drinking earlier in the evening. Police cited and released them.


A male was arrested and charged Sunday morning for driving under the influence of alcohol and excessive speeding near the corner of East Sixth Street and North Fremont Avenue.

John S. Wikle, of the 2900 block of East Fifth Street, was arrested after police noticed a car driving about 50 miles per hour for three blocks in a 25 mph zone. Police stopped the vehicle at Martin Boulevard and Sixth Street.

Wikle admitted to drinking alcohol. He was cited and released.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports.

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