Conversation with 'Mojo Agnew' takes life of its own

By Noah Lopez

Arizona Daily Wildcat

Talking to Mojo Nixon, America's underground Weird Al Yankovic, is a lot like taking speed on a rollercoaster while sitting next to Robin Williams. There's really not a lot of room to get a word in edgewise. It's this infectious energy that has propelled Nixon through a flurry of projects this year, from TV pilots to a country western album with fellow punk legend Jello Biafra, to the birth of a new son. Mojo Nixon will play at Club Congress this Sunday night in support of his re-released Christmas album, "Horny Holidays." TheWildcat was able to experience the off-kilter humor of Mojo during a studio break as he was recording his next album.

Wildcat: What are you working on right now?

Mojo: We're doing an album right now, in the studio . . We just recorded our Pledge of Allegiance. 'I pledge allegiance/to Dean Martin/and the United States of Las Vegas' . the name of the album's going to be "Don't Ask Me Why I Drink!"

WC: How has becoming a father affected you?

Mojo: Oh, well, I was already a father. I have an older son that's 12, and then I had Rafe Cannonball Nixon on Feb. 5, 1994. It takes up a lot of time, babysitting . they're labor intensive. I'm a good daddy, though. I'm the last of the hillbilly Mojos.

WC: What kind of stuff is going on this new album?

Mojo: Well, we've recorded a lot of stuff. We've already recorded "Bring Me the Head of David Geffen" and a song for all the politically correct people called "Mr. Correct." We're recording a song for all them ritualistic devil-worshipping folk called "Buck Up and Stop Whining You Weak Willed Puke Faces." You know, official victims of abuse that make up past lives . I mean there's some real victims out there, but they're not the ones who are on TV.

WC: What was it like working with Jello Biafra?

Mojo: It was good, but it was hard. He's not easy to get along with. Jello works really differently than me. I like the recording the instant you play, that's it. Jello's always building an erector set in the studio, one piece at a time. . We're both bigmouths, but politically we agree. As long as I get my way I'm fine.

WC: Why did you stop working with Skid Roper?

Mojo: We've been divorced for five years now. Things just ran their course. There was no fist fights or lawsuits though.

WC: Weren't you working on a TV show or something?

Mojo: Yeah, it was going to be the Mojo TV show on USA. It was called "Shut Up & Drive." But that's pretty much dead in the water now. You never know though, somebody might snap me up for a Jerry Seinfeld clone show. There's only 11 of those. Maybe they'll make a Mojo Lite TV show. Call it, "Hojo Nixon" or "Mojo Agnew." It has to be on my terms, though. Some of the ideas people bring to me are ones that Stallone wouldn't use. I want to do a Charles Kuralt meets Hunter Thompson travel insanity thing . but that's not getting a lot of feedback from the guys in suits.

WC: Are there expectations for you to do "Stuffin' Martha's Muffin" and "Elvis is Every . "

Mojo: (interrupting) Oh yeah, over and over. We still play a lot of those songs, though . I have a lot of new songs. In fact I have enough for another album next year. I'll even have enough to do an album of B-sides, "The Mojo Lost Dog" album.

WC: What are some of your pet peeves?

Mojo: Well one thing recently is, I don't


want to have no dining experience. I just want to eat, I don't want to know the waiter's name, just bring me my water and some food! I don't want to hear about what kind of whole grain nuts you got. I don't want to hear about save the animals . I just want to eat 'em. Now! I want some grease and some salt on my food. I don't care if it's green beans floating on a salt lick. Some of these places in New York it takes you hours to eat. The best places just sit you down and try to get you the fuck out of there so they can make some more money! It's like airplane food. You put someone in a uniform and they become like a little Hitler. I pay my money to fly, I want things done my way. Or I'll get off! I'll start my own airplane, Mojo Airways! You can do whatever you want in the back. And everybody gets to ride the slide! You know they've got nitrous oxide in that thing! Shit. A lot of things piss me off. It's like Clinton, gets everybody's hope up, and then he invades Haiti! We've got Republicans to do that!

Mojo Nixon & the Toad Liquors play at Club Congress on Sunday, Nov. 27, at 9 p.m. with guests Fish Karma. Tickets will be $6.

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