Homecoming royalty question


Who is the real Chicano/Hispano (name of the department) Homecoming Royalty? In Monday's edition of the Arizona Daily Wildcat, the winners of the contest supported by the student body is Reuben Morales and Sophie Durney, I am told by the Chicano/Hispano department that both Reuben and Sophie are of Hispanic heritage. The winners of the contest supported by the Chicano/Hispano department are Michael Tellez and Lisa Gomez. So who are the real Chicano/Hispano Royalty?

This also brings up the question that if the Chicano/Hispano department has Chicano/Hispano sponsored students in the general race, what is the need for a separate race just for the Chicano/Hispano community? And is school money being used to sponsor the separate race? Do not misunderstand this for an attack on minorities or even an attempt to turn this into a race issue. This is just a question of common sense. My congratulations to all of the winners and to the Wildcat football team. Curious,

Thayne Jensen

Biochemistry Senior

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