Using the Bible to justify bigotry is wrong


In Bo Johnston's letter to the editor ("Homosexuality is a Biblical Sin" Oct. 7), he apparently is upset that some people don't regard homosexuality as wrong or a sin. Why this is so upsetting to him is speculative, but nonetheless has caused some arousal. He is relying on the premise that the Bible has the definitive explanation of what is natural. Natural simply means that something is existing in nature. Since we all exist in nature, and I know that I do, aren't we all acting naturally?

I love the line in his letter where he had to run home to look in the index of his Bible to find how he should feel about homosexuality. I think that it is unfortunate that someone would have to look in an index of a book for one's moral decisions. I don't have any book or index to refer to for my moral decisions, all I have is my heart. If one wants to talk about truly acting immorally, or in a disgusting manner, let's look at those who are always referring to the Bible. How about those loving Bible-thumpers who go to cemetaries to disrupt and ruin the funerals of AIDS victims with total disregard for the dignity of the victim and that person's family? How about the gay-bashings that are carried out in the name of what is written in the Bible, purportedly saying homosexuality is wrong? How about the thousands of gays and lesbians who are rejected by the very religions that are preaching love and brotherhood? Every time that I hear someone quoting from the Bible to justify their bigotry, all that I can think of is how hypocritical that person truly is.

Chris Nielsen

Psychology Junior

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