Grant is a tribute to the university


I was delighted to see the Oct. 6 front page article on our $2 million biology educational grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. It is nice to see recognition of one of the many outstanding undergraduate educational programs on campus. It is important to recognize that the Undergraduate Biology Research Program was initiated in the Department of Biochemistry by department head Michael Wells in 1988 with only departmental funding. Much of the credit for the subsequent success and expansion this program goes to the energetic and imaginative leadership of Program Director Carol Bender and to the faculty who open their labs (and their research grant funds) to undergraduates now 204 faculty members from 37 departments. In addition, the deans, provost and vice-president for research have all provided support for administration and operation of the programs supported by the HHMI grant. This reflects the synergy between research and teaching that can make it possible for a research university to offer undergraduates the best possible education.

Samuel Ward

Professor and Head of the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology

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