Keep sexual relations to yourself


Regarding homosexuality/lesbianism: most people accept the fact that these are two of the five basic sexual orientations. The other three are: bisexuality, heterosexuality and celibacy. The question is: why homosexuals and lesbians feel the need to hold rallies and coming out parties and shout about their sexual orientation? Society doesn't see many celibates or bisexuals or heterosexuals holding rallies to venerate their sexual orientations. The goverment has not designated special "days" and events to celebrate these other three groups. The point is, it is not necessary to make a spectacle of yourself or your sexual orientation. We are all different as individuals, but this doesn't mean each of us is a minority.

The teachings of the Old and New Testaments do not forbid spiritual love and affection between men or between women. They do, however, forbid sexual relations between men as well as between women. They also forbid bestiality and other perverted acts of sex because morally speaking, sex is a gift from the Creator and should be revered as such. Male and female were made for each other, obviously, anatomically.

So don't ask society to condone your lifestyle. Don't demonstrate and march and ridiculize human sexuality. Enjoy the company of your boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse and if anyone really wants to know about your relationship(s), they'll ask.

Philip Rose


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