Kudos for editorial


Sarah Garrecht's editorial comment in Wednesday's Wildcat ("Thou shalt not kill") was beautifully written and focused on how easily we can lose perspective on what we are about. To kill a doctor to save a fetus makes absolutely no sense to most of us. If it does make sense to one of us, we have confused the means with the ends. There are many other examples in society that demonstrate how easily we let our primary values become clouded because a strong impulse or feelingthat just has to be acted on at the moment. If I could offer one outcome criterion for an educated person a value we would be proud to have in all of our graduates it would be for the head and the heart to be able to work together like a finely orchestrated piece of music. To kill a doctor to save a fetus is a good example of a lousy piece of music!!

Bob Wrenn

Psychology Professor

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