On Campus


American Marketing Association ─ Meeting. Speaker Michael Bolchalk of Bolchalk Marketing on "Starting a Career in Advertising." All majors welcome. McClelland Hall Room 133 at 7 p.m.

American Tae Kwondo Association ─ Practice, new members always welcome to come and have fun. Student Recreation Center Room B, 8-9 p.m.*

Arizona Ambassadors ─ Weekly meeting. Nugent Building at 5 p.m.*

BPA Student Council ─ Meeting, McClelland Hall Room 103 at 5:30 p.m.*

Bear Down Club ─ General meeting in front of Old Main by Bookstore, 5:15 p.m.*

Bujinkan Ninjustu Society ─ Training, north of Hillenbrand on the Mall at 6:30 p.m.*

Camp Wildcat ─ Fundraising meeting, Camp Wildcat office at 5 p.m.*

Camp Wildcat ─ Day activities meeting at Cafe Paraiso (University Boulevard) at 6 p.m.*

Canterbury Association ─ Spiritual expeditions. "Outings to encounter God, self and others in the great outdoors."*

Chain Gang ─ Weekly meeting. Student Union 285 at 6 p.m.*

Chimes Junior Honorary ─ Meeting in Economics 303 at 6 p.m.*

Codependents Anonymous (CoDA) ─ Meeting, Student Health Center, Room D, noon-1p.m.*

The Desert Yearbook ─ Staff meeting, Student Union basement at 6 p.m.*

Episcopal Campus Ministry ─ Tuesday Eucharist (Holy Communion) with relaxed, informal brief worship. Campus Christian Center, 715 N. Park at 12:15 p.m.*

First Year Student Center ─ Free tutoring and academic advising for first year students. Student Union, Union Square Cafe, 5-8 p.m.*

Historical Games Society ─ Weekly meeting in Economics 405, 6-10 p.m.*

Knight Kats ─ Fighter practice, heavy infantry. UA Mall in front of the Student Health Center from 7-9 p.m.*

Mexican Student Association ─ Homecoming, faltan dos semanas. Student Union Cactus Lounge Room 281 at 5 p.m.*

Movimiento Chicano de Aztlán (MEChA) ─ General meeting, everyone welcome. Chicano center, Bear Down 200 at 5 p.m.*

Phi Alpha Delta (pre-law fraternity) - UA Law School Room 146 at 7 p.m.*

Presbyterian University Ministry ─ Everyone welcome! Campus Christian Center, 715 N. Park, 6:30-8:30 p.m.*

Sophos Honorary ─ Meeting. Student Union Room 283 at 6 p.m.*

SPIRES ─ Meeting. Student Union 280 at 5:30 p.m.*

Toastmasters ─ Regular meeting, McClelland 131 at 5:30 p.m.*

UA Women's Lacrosse ─ Practice, new members welcome. Bear Down Field at 4:30 p.m.*

Ultimate Frisbee Club ─ Practice. Coed, open to athletes of all ability. Wildcat field at 4:30 p.m.*

University Democrats ─ Weekly meeting, Student Union Room 282 at 5 p.m.

Wado Karate Club ─ Practice. Student Recreation Center Room B from 9-10:30 p.m.*

* Meets every Tuesday at this time and location

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