Editorial demonstrates hypocrisy

Dear Editor Sarah Garrecht:

Come on now! Aren't you being just a little irrational? For a small piece of paper or "ticket," as you call it ("Don't peddle your religion like a vacuum cleaner" Oct. 19), to evoke such strong feelings and reactions such as yours is insane. Perhaps you are a bit too sensitive. Are you really that concerned about encroachment of Christianity into your open-minded "I feel your pain" liberal kind of lifestyle? Do you fear religious contingents are unfairly threatening and harassing the politically correct world of faithless atheists? From you, Ms. Garrecht, this is hypocrisy. I could easily say,"How dare that girl throw opinions in my face, I don't need to be subjected to these editorials" to which you would most likely respond (as most liberals do): "If you don't like what you see, just don't look at it."

You see, Ms. Garrecht, this is not an issue of religion or spirituality, although you mask it as such. It is an issue of ideas and freedom to express them, to make them known to the public. You are obviously desperate for something to write about in your editorial. Unfortunately you chose to exploit a petty little incident such as this.

One more thing. Every time I open this newspaper, one which I am sure you are proud to be part of, I find an insert, a large piece of paper usually from some credit company. As a service to the readers, garbage cans are provided next to paper stations whenever inserts are present. We are simply asked, if we want, to throw them away. I am sure that no one bitches that Visa is "interfering with his/her financial beliefs." You could have easily done the same.

Matthew Gross

Spanish/ East Asian Studies Freshman

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