AIDS testing organizer apologizes for ad


It has been brought to my attention that the "Top 10 List" I used in advertising the anonymous HIV testing on campus was somewhat misunderstood. In that list, I stated that getting an HIV test was a 'risk-free' sharing of bodily fluids. And of course, I hope we all know that the sharing of bodily fluids is never completely risk free (even for those persons administering the tests). Furthermore, I misstated in number three on my list that with "early detection, (and) early treatment, (there will be an) early cure." From the numerous people who have been lost to this dreaded disease we know that there is no cure. Perhaps a better statement would have been "Early detection, early treatment . be there for a cure." Again I apologize, I thought that if I could put a humorous twist on getting HIV tested, which already has a huge social stigma, people would be more open to the idea of getting tested.

I must make an even greater apology to the numerous people I was forced to turn away from geing tested. When I initiated the program I had no idea of the overwhelming need for anonymous HIV testing on campus and similarly did not realize that close to 500 people would show up to be tested (we could only test 37 in the three hours that the Pima County Health Department was here). I am happy that my project was a tremendous success and because of the continuing need for anonymous HIV testing on campus, another test date has been set for Nov. 16 (keep an eye on the Arizona Daily Wildcat for more info.).

Again, I apologize and hope that people will continue to understand that there is no one immune from the AIDS epidemic and I believe that being tested is the responsibility of every person who is at risk to HIV.

Jeffery M. Sanchez

Art History Senior

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