ASUA senator will hold discrimination discussion


I am writing this letter in response to many other letters written in the past week concerning discrimination on the UA campus. Every time I read one, the same issues are brought up. It is usually a situation where someone or some people have been picking on someone else because of a difference. The difference may be color, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation or any other distinguishing characteristic about a HUMAN BEING. Isn't it ironic that if you examine yourself, you will fit in every one of these categories. Every person on this planet is a minority in their own special way. So this leads me to the question,"Why are we judgmental toward others when we are all different?"

As a concerned student and Undergraduate Senator, I have decided to bring together a group that will meet on Fridays for a brown bag lunch discussion. This week's topic will be on discrimination. I encourage all students to attend because this topic pertains to all of us.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in being a panel member, please contact me at ASUA. The meeting will be on Friday Oct. 28 in Student Union Room 280. Hope to see you there!

Jonathan Bierner

Undergraduate Senator

Psychology Junior

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