Don't forget Babcock Inn


In your story about the new residence hall ("New dorm excites many" Oct. 18), I noticed a glaring error in reporting. The story states that the new residence hall will be the first hall to offer both double and single rooms. If you had done a little research, you would have found that Babcock Inn has offered both double rooms and single rooms for several years. In fact, our dorm offers both standard rooms of each type as well as a limited number or large doubles and singles. This is just another example of how the residence halls that are north of Speedway seem to be completely forgotten by the rest of the campus. Babcock Inn, for instance, isn't even shown on many of the various university maps. I think it is time that the university actually takes notice of the fact that the dorms north of Speedway do exist and are as much a part of the campus community as any other dorm on campus.

Robert Curfman

Education Senior

President Babcock Inn

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