Prop 300 column was misguided


In response to Kirpal Johnson's misguided argument against Prop 300 ("Vote 'no' Prop 300" Oct. 21), I must infer that he has fallen for the leftist agenda of our political science department. Wildcat readers deserve a more factual representation of Prop 300 from somewhere in the center.

The fact is that Prop 300 is a means to hold government to greater scrutiny and accountability in the area of regulation. One needs only look at the failings of the EPA (for sale to the highest bidder) and projects like Super Fund to understand how this would be a benefit. This proposition will not make business unaccountable it will simply protect us from overzealous regulators.

As far as Johnson's claim that the mining industry would be reimbursed for its profit loss, due to environmental regulation, nothing could be further from the truth. hazardous waste is specifically addressed as a real and substantial threat.

It frightens me that people like Johnson are so willing to trust the government to make decisions for everyone. This frame of mind is prevalent among environmentalists. I do not believe that the government is benevolent or responsible and consider myself an anti-environmentalist. I am not anti-environmentalist I am against the environmental movement and its myopic vision. Don't anyone else feel socialism creeping up on us? Vote 'yes' on Prop 300!

Winston Woods III

Political Science Senior

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