Lounge legacy lives in movies, books, music

The Hallmarks of Lounge

Juan Garcia Esquivel has been called the "Mexican Duke Ellington" and is the last word in lounge easy listening. His instrumental originals and standards are peppered with bizarre instruments the theremin, buzzimba, ondioline, cowbells, etc. and fabulous lounge vocal expressions.

The Rat Pack stand alone as the heroes of lounge. Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. not only exude the laidback lounge hipster attitude, but provide the soundtrack as well.

Along with "Oceans 11," the "Sweet Smell Of Success" is a quintessential lounge flick. The bright neon sparkle of Manhattan, combined with tons of actual lounge scenes and the incredible hipster dialogue make this "lounge noir" required viewing.

Julie London captures the vocal sexiness of the lounge crooner excellently: heavy breathing with strings and piano.

Nino Rota's fantastic scores for Federico Fellini's avant garde films are mandatory lounge listening, especially the classic "Amarcord" soundtrack.

The exotic sounds of Martin Denny are enough to get anybody in the spirit for cocktailing. The unrealistic bird calls mixed with the vibrant atmosphere of the music are simply sinful.

Further readings on the

music can be found in Re/Search #14: Incredibly Strange Music, Vol. 1 & 2 and CAD: A Handbook for Heels. These are worthing seeking out, and the former has an accompanying soundtrack.

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