Naked protester's letter does not make sense


Mr. Friedemann (Sept. 29 letter) complains freely about Ms. Andrya Lewis' "irrationality," but he makes no rational point. I'm impressed how quickly he responded to Ms. Lewis' letter. He even found someone to proofread his work for him this time. Well sort of .

Mr. Friedemann, why do you mock the Bible and keep trying to paraphrase it to work with your argument. First of all, I have read the Bible front to back going on my third time now and I have never come across the word "mammon." Nor have I ever heard it used anywhere at any time until now. But regardless of its accepted definition, it has nothing to do with your sickening demonstration on the Mall. As far as your condemnation of money, if you would read from the very book you both support and condemn, Jesus did speak about the dangers of money, but never said the world should abolish it. If we did, just how do you suppose we would go about meeting our needs? There are too many dishonest and lazy people in the world to do it any other way. Even Jesus himself and his disciples had a treasury.

You buried your cause already by quoting the law in your last letter. As you said in the last part of your quotation of ARS 13-1402, if a person exposes him or herself in public "and another person is present and the defendant is reckless about whether such other person would be offended or alarmed by the act" they are in violation of the law. I contend, Mr. Friedemann, that you were reckless in that you were in no regard concerned whether another person was offended or not. Secondly, you gave no justification why you considered Ms. Lewis unreasonable. That's because there was no justification to give. I certainly thought she was not.

Certainly Mr. Friedemann, you know nothing about what you're saying.

Bill Nassauer

Industrial Enginnering Junior

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