Provost needs to change his ways


The staff editorial "Provost blatantly neglects students" in the Oct. 27 edition of the Arizona Daily Wildcat appears somewhat biased, but nevertheless, it does provoke some very valid concerns.

In response to the question of how many students were consulted before Provost Sypherd made his decisions to cut the journalism and statistics departments why is it that his response was "virtually none"? Did he have a hard time finding students to consult? Where does he spend his time? I am surrounded by (fellow) students everyday.

I have been at this university for four years now, and I have always had the concern about the way the university administrators treat the undergraduate students. I know that I am not alone in this sentiment, and this is what scares me most. If a majority of the 35,000 students who attend this university all feel this same way, shouldn't there be an indication to the administration that something is really wrong? I am not a radical fanatic out to lambaste the administration I am just one of those 35,000 students attending this university.

By the way, I realize I am generalizing when I say "the majority of students." I did not have time to run a complete statistical analysis of the feelings of the entire university population. Therefore, I am basing my analysis on a random sample of people found on the university campus. I understand the logistics behind my analysis before I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to take a statistics course.

I don't really expect this single letter to cause the administrators to change their ways. I just want Dr. Pacheco, Provost Sypherd and all of the other administrators (deans and directors included) to realize that undergraduates really do exist and we are concerned about our undergraduate education. Please realize that the quality of our education is a direct reflection upon you.

Lisa Montman

Finance and Accounting Senior

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