Director's comments inspire laughter


It is not my intention to maintain a running commentary with Mark Woodhams, director of UA student publications, about the picture that I see as chauvinistic, but when I read Woodhams' response to the Arizona Daily Star about the cover of the staff-student directory, I nearly fell off my chair from laughter.

All the justifications he provides are pure nonsense! I do not see a sign that says "his" wife or "her" briefcase. I can only interpret what I see: a man, presumbably a professor with a woman four steps behind him. Isn't there some kind of rule of communications governing receiver perceptions?

This picture is a representational image and in its silence can be seen as portraying the attitude of men toward women. As the cover of an important, often-used book, it openly depicts the attitude of the University toward women as sexist and chauvinistic. Mark, open your eyes and let your brain function to the nuances of what the picture says to others.

I solved this dilemma of the picture in my own way for myself, and others can make their own decisions about what they want to do. But since campus is abuzz about this little fiasco, I think, if you have the time, you should let Mark Woodhams know how you feel.

One last comment forever (I hope): Mark, if you want to diffuse the flack you are getting just apologize for your mistake!

Dorothyanne Peltz

Administrative Secretary

Materials Science and Engineering

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