Condom ad was in poor taste


I discovered a poster advertising Sheik condoms that was distributed in the Wildcat. You know, if you were looking for shock effect, you succeeded. But truthfully, don't you think that this was in very bad taste?

As an employee of the University of Arizona, I realize this poster was not geared toward me, but don't you think as a representative of our insitution as we all are, that you have a greater responsibility to people who read the Wildcat? This ad does not contain a message of prevention. This ad is not an endorsement for furthering education. This is blatantly irresponsible, and if I can't appeal to your moral sensibilities, couldn't you have at least made this stupid thing recyclable?

Did the Wildcat receive money to distribute this ad? Don't you think that you stepped over the line by a few hundred yards?

Anita M. Russell

Pharmacology Accountant

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