Rape column over-generalized


I am writing in response to Tyrone Henry's article "Bloated rape figures mislead" (Sept. 30). While the article had many good points, I found that Mr. Henry used too much generalization, to the point of being offensive.

He cites Dr. Mary P. Koss as saying "if a man 'intentionally incapacities' " a woman by getting her drunk or stoned that a "yes" answer to sex is not consent. He goes on to comment that a man cannot force a woman to take drugs or drink alcohol, which is entirely true. Women who get drunk or stoned do so of their own volition. However, his comments that "people use it (alcohol) specifically for lowering inhibitions," and that women who go to bed with men while intoxicated and cry rape later, are merely victims of their own "bad judgment," are generalizations and offensive. If I choose to consume alcohol while on a date, no matter how high or low the amount, that is not tantamount to choosing to have sex with my date.

Another comment that Mr. Henry made was that it is not "their (men's) responsibility to say, 'You look inebriated, so I can't accept your consent.' " Yes, I'm afraid it is. It is the man's responsibility to, pardon the expression, "cover his ass." In the day and age where many women have sex indiscriminately and falsely cry rape later (an act which I do not condone in the slightest), a man should always consider each situation from the point of view that he could go to jail if his drunk companion decides he isn't her type when her intoxication wears off. It's a sad and unfair position for a man to be in, but it exists. Guys, if she's "under the table," leave her there. You will thank yourself for it in the long run.

Jenn Noce

Secondary Education Senior

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