By Melissa Prentice

Arizona Daily Wildcat

Some students will do almost anything for football tickets.

Andy Steinberg, ASUA undergraduate senator, plans to give students a perfect opportunity to get a little wild and crazy for a chance to see the Wildcats take on Colorado State this Saturday.

During a "SPAZ" pep rally Friday at noon on the UA Mall, 20 of the craziest people will earn 40-yard-line tickets to this weekend's game.

T.J. Trujillo, ASUA president, will provide the tickets for the event. He is given 34 tickets for each game to use to "encourage school spirit on campus and at games," he said. "This is a great program and it is just what I want to see done with the tickets."

"SPAZ" stands for spirited, positive and zany, and it is an opportunity for every student who wants a ticket to get one," Steinberg said.

"When you watch other football games on ESPN, the entire campus is excited with pre-game activities and pep rallies. The students just go crazy in support of the teams," he said. "We have a top 10 ranked team and I want to see people get that excited about the Wildcats."

Steinberg said he hopes to see a lot of people getting spirited and crazy, the crazier the better. "Just come out and be creative and show how crazy you are about the Wildcats," he said.

Undeclared freshman Jake Boaz said he thinks a lot of students will get excited about the event.

"A lot of people didn't have the chance to get football tickets and would jump at a chance for free tickets," he said. "On Friday I'm sure we'll see a lot of paint, singing, yelling and crazy outfits."

Anyone is invited to show their spirit Friday and the craziest, most spirited participants will be awarded tickets at the end of the hour, Steinberg said.

UA's KAMP Radio station, the pep band and cheerleaders have all been invited to participate in the event, he said.

Steinberg said he plans to continue SPAZ contests and give away tickets to other football games and basketball games.

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