Please, no more "naked protester" letters

It has been more than two weeks since Bruce Friedemann bared himself on the UA Mall. Since then the editorial page has been filled with letters both by Friedemann and attacking Friedemann. Within the past week, these letters have devolved from commentary on the protest to a tit-for-tat debate. The Wildcat recognizes that it is an important forum for public discussion, but it is not our obligation to provide a forum for name-calling and redundant arguments.

Unless there are new developments with Friedemann's campaign against public nudity laws, the Wildcat will not print anymore letters on the subject. We have a pile of unpublished letters on a myraid of topics which take priority over "Naked Man" letters. If you send us a "Naked Man" letter, do not expect to see it in print.

We are not trying to cut short a public debate. We are only trying to assure that other voices on other issues will be heard.

Thank you.

Opinions Editor

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