Sayers turns to publishing

The Associated Press

WAKARUSA, Ind. Fleet-footed football legend Gale Sayers is looking forward to a slow, simple life as a small-town newspaper publisher.

The former Chicago Bears running back plans to retire in three years and move to the small town he first visited as a rookie in the 1960s.

Sayers built a house in Wakarusa, about 100 miles east of Chicago, in 1987 and started a weekly paper in July.

His co-publisher, Melissa Troxel, handles much of the day-to-day operation, but he plans to get more involved after settling in.

"In Chicago, Gale Sayers can't go out, for the most part. Autographs. People kind of bothering you," he said.

"But I can go to Wakarusa and go uptown to the coffee shop. I talk to the people, and they know me. There's no intrusion on my time. I'm just one of the people because I've been going since the '60s."

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