UA is more business than education


I am writing in response to the Oct. 17 article about the audit for low graduation rates. My thought is "Tell some of us something we don't know." Most of the students should realize that the reason it takes more than four years to graduate, if students make it to graduation, is because this university is a business. Once students understand the real story, then they can make an informed decision about whether to stay or transfer somewhere that accommodates their ideal of an university.

In keeping with the business tradition, the University of Arizona does not want people to leave in four years, when they will accept staying for five. Why would you want someone to stop giving money to the school when you can tap them for another year for $1,850 to $8,000? If you decide to leave, there are other freshmen waiting to take your place and if you made it all the way to your senior year, you won't abandon your investment when you know you are close to a diploma.

Where else could it take eight to nine months to get a degree check, when America has the technology to produce one in far less time. Millions of dollars are wasted every year to upgrade everything but the students' needs. How many times have we watched the university build new buildings while they cut programs?

The students are merely customers at the university and once they realize that, they can decide whether or not to continue their education, otherwise they will be shocked like Patti Eckholdt ("Kudos and thanks to organizers" Oct. 18). I am glad I came to school at UA and I have met many great people while attending school here. My thought is that people need to see the university for what it is, not some ideal institution where the students are the main function and goal. In reality, economics is behind the University of Arizona.

Terence E. Rubey

Sociology Senior

Fifth Year Student

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