'Wildcat' offends delicate sensibilities


I am appalled by the sickening sights seen in the Oct. 27 Wildcat. Take for example the ad for the film "Erotique." The word "sex" must appear ten times at least. This along with the pornographic picture shown offends my sensiblities. There is also an ad for the band Tool with special guest Woodpussy. This is very disgusting! And what about the "Air it out" ad with the fellow blatantly looking for the other guy's crotch! Are we to assume that you are promoting homosexuality! There is also a picture (on Page 8) of a man with his head between two pumpkins. Do these pumpkins represent female breasts? The stems remind me of erect nipples! This is blatantly sexist and I have to wonder if the pumpkins are a willing participant! I can go on but I am very angry. I will never read this paper again! Good day!

John Stanners Jr.

Electrical Engineering Senior

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