Thoughts on Sypherd, sketch


All I can say is that I am glad to be graduating in May.

With Provost Sypherd's attitude of "who cares what students think" ("Provost axes statistics and journalism" Oct. 27) and "who cares what the faculty thinks" ("Core curriculum in works" Oct. 26), I am not sure if I want to attend school here any longer. Apparently, this school is comprised of only administrators. Why else wouldn't he ask for student and faculty input? Maybe he has asked for their input and it doesn't agree with his, thus he continues on with HIS plan.

Why does he have unlimited power? Isn't there an impeachment process or even a board of checks and balances that he must go through before such radical changes are made?

And thank you to Joan McKinney for saying what a lot of us thought when we read the letters by Ms. Jansen and Ms. Peltz. I think her comments can also be applied to the stabbing sketch incident we have heard so much about.

Congratulations to NASA and Professor Boynton for inventing time travel. The asteroid article of a couple days ago stated a launch date of Feb. 1996 and a swingby of earth in Jan. 1995. Maybe we can all go to Mount Graham to watch.

Bill Hurguy

Materials Science And Engineering Senior

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