ASUA budget audit approved

By Melissa Prentice

Arizona Daily Wildcat

ASUA's budget cleared its biggest hurdle last night.

Associated Students of the University of Arizona President T.J. Trujillo announced at Wednesday's Graduate and Professional Student Council meeting that he would agree to pay up to $4,000 from his presidential operations budget to cover the cost of an audit of ASUA finances.

The Undergraduate Senate was scheduled to vote on the matter late last night. Chairman Brad Milligan said the body would probably approve the budget.

The GPSC had refused to pass the budget until the audit was included.

"It just got to the point where it was ridiculous and it just needed to be resolved," Trujillo said after GPSC member Kyle Pennington suggested that the council postpone voting on the budget.

"I still believe that there is a better use for the $4,000, but if this single issue is going to keep ASUA from operating, it is worth spending .007 percent of the budget on," he said.

Later, Pennington said GPSC would split the cost with Trujillo.

After Trujillo's announcement, GPSC members approved the budget unanimously, with one abstention.

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